Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit

Through May 27, 2019

Experience the imaginative, bi-lingual Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit based on Disney Junior’s Peabody Award-winning television series. Be magically transported to the backyard of six-year-old Dottie “Doc” McStuffins, where she cares for broken toys and stuffed animals. Enter the backyard clinic, assume the role of a doctor-in-training, and learn lessons about healthy habits, empathy, and nurturing in unique hospital environments:

  • Grab a lab coat and join the hospital staff to perform check-ups and diagnose toy patients with ailments such as loose stitching or low batteries.
  • Digitally enter their diagnosis and track it using the Big Book of Boo Boos tablet.
  • Practice mending a ripped toy by using a string to close the open seam and puff up a sagging, inflatable to with an air pump.
  • Take on the role of a caregiver for baby animals and take them through a naptime routine.
  • Put your pet toys in a CAT scan machine to diagnose their illnesses and follow the recommended treatment.
  • Crank a kinetic energy wheel to recharge Squibbles, a dog who barks and wiggles once he’s been re-energized.
  • Feed toy fish by working balls of food through a gravity maze.

Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit is produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and presented by Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. Disney character live appearances are not part of the exhibit. © Disney

Present in the Fidelis Care Gallery